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summer vacation

See, I got all excited about the book and forgot to tell you about my vacation. In a word, it was perfect. There is nothing better in my book than sun-warmed skin.

On the one rainy day we had, we made friendship bracelets in the living room and then went down to the wet beach to run off our cabin fever. Other than that, we swam and rode bikes and ate lobster rolls and played lawn games with the little ones, and swam some more.

After a week at the beach, Mike and I headed north to Vermont and spent a perfect lazy day doing nothing more than floating on my sister’s pond with margaritas in hand. Followed by cornhole at dusk and a very, very funny game of charades.

I'll miss you, summer vacation.


the return from vacation

After swimming, sewing, and sitting on porches for summer rainstorms, I'm back at home. And feeling a little blue. I feel like an ungrateful jerk, complaining after almost two weeks away. But it’s hard to come back to the computer and deadlines and no humidity or water to jump into. Or sisters to sit on a porch with.

It was such a good trip. When I got off the plane in Burlington, I almost wept with happiness. For the warm air and seeing my Vermont sister and a long stretch of empty days ahead. We headed for an outdoor restaurant at the edge of the lake and pulled an about-face on our drink order because there was steel drum music playing and people puttering up to the dock in dinghies and all of a sudden, a gin and tonic wasn’t going to cut it. So we swapped our order for two pina coladas and hatched a plan to houseboat around the lake next summer.

And that’s kind of how everything went. Not much planning – just bobbing along the current of each moment, each hour, each afternoon. Should we make homemade ice cream or eat a Klondike bar out of the freezer? Read a magazine or a novel? Swim now or later?

Every decision was easy and the right one. And, really, how often can you say that?

I’m not ready for summer to end. But this end-of-summer melancholy is an old acquaintance. I think it means it’s been good. So let's make the end count.

If these photos look familiar, it's because I lazed out so utterly that I didn't take many photos. So I'm borrowing these from this post last summer. How's that for lazy?


summercraft: getaway skirt

This has happened to me before. Something comes over me when vacation brain takes over. The sewing urge hits hard, as I imagine flouncing around warmer climes in a new skirt. Amy Karol has a prefect five-minute skirt how-to posted right here. But I have to confess that my deadline sewing takes on an almost reckless, devil-may-care quality. There are other times and other projects that require me to be careful and precise. But the night before leaving, as I sit at the sewing machine and simultaneously pack in my mind, is not one of those times.

This glittery knit fabric caught my eye – maybe because it looks like sand. But it's on the thin side, so I folded it twice so I had four layers. Then on top of the folded fabric, I lay down a skirt that I like the fit of. I pinned and cut, adding about ½” all around for seams.

Pin the sides, sew with a zig-zag stitch, and you don’t even need a waistband if you’re using fabric that stretches. Just fold it over. However, I had this lovely, vibrant green fold-over elastic and thought it would look nice with turquoise thread. But get this, everyone: I didn’t even fold the elastic over. Sacre bleu! I simply pinned it along the inner top of the skirt waist and zig-zagged. It looked like this as I sewed:

And I have to say, I really like the result. Not that I plan on wearing any midriff tops to show off this detail, but the unexpected green and contrasting thread is like a little secret. Notice this weird contorted angle so I could show you the waistband in closer detail:

As for the bottom hem: no thank you. I have bags to pack.