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a scrambly afternoon 

It’s been so very wet here lately – which is fine by me most of the time. There is nothing better than hearing rain when you stir from a dream in the night. And rainy weekend mornings are usually just my speed. But come Sunday afternoon, we were a little cabin fever-y. So we put on our rain coasts and hats and took our chances on a hike. When the path opened up to the Bay, everything looked soft and fairy tale-ish in the quiet mist.

The rocks and branches and trees were muted and quiet-colored except for the bright hits of new grass.

We found a secret beach and scrambled over bowling ball-size rocks, then climbed up the tallest rock on the beach and watched and listened as the waves crashed thunderously below.

It was a soft and lovely Sunday.


lookin' down on creation

A happy, top-of-the-world perch for reading the Sunday papers. This is atop an old bunker from WWII, but blankets and these DIY cushions soften up the place. Last time, we brought a homemade chocolate peanut butter milkshake in a big Mason jar to sip as we read. The dried mangos we brought yesterday were not as inspired, but we made the milkshake as soon as we got home. Malted, of course. Because if the milkshake isn’t malted, why bother?