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summerlist: weekend summer-finding

How good is the farmer’s market and garden these days? I am literally eating summer at every meal, despite this stubborn and gloomy fog that has settled over the city. Not pictured here are the beans and peas and potatoes that are bursting forth from my wee little garden right now. Lately, the glum San Francisco weather has meant taking to the road to find summer.

By now, we’ve got a pretty good drill: escape out of the city and hit winding country roads, stopping to pick up cherries along the way. We now affectionately call them road cherries. Why did it take me this long to realize that cherries are the best roap trip food? Windows down, spitting pits out the window, I can almost hear my grandfather Papa D's 8-track playing Kenny Rodgers.

Right about when we polish off the bag of cherries, we arrive at a nearby beach, haul out a blanket, reading material and a thermos of margaritas.

Summer found.