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a scrambly afternoon 

It’s been so very wet here lately – which is fine by me most of the time. There is nothing better than hearing rain when you stir from a dream in the night. And rainy weekend mornings are usually just my speed. But come Sunday afternoon, we were a little cabin fever-y. So we put on our rain coasts and hats and took our chances on a hike. When the path opened up to the Bay, everything looked soft and fairy tale-ish in the quiet mist.

The rocks and branches and trees were muted and quiet-colored except for the bright hits of new grass.

We found a secret beach and scrambled over bowling ball-size rocks, then climbed up the tallest rock on the beach and watched and listened as the waves crashed thunderously below.

It was a soft and lovely Sunday.


homemade hopscotch and more

When the rains breaks, there is nothing as good as hopping a train to the beach with both my sisters and niece and nephew to etch out a hopscotch court in the sand and marvel at my little niece’s pick for beach footwear.

After getting our shoes sandy and breathing in big lungfuls of salty air, we stepped out of the chill for bone-warming hot chocolate at the serene and lovely Trouble Coffee, followed by a slow wander through General Store – a new shop with great light and plain wood shelves artfully filled with a bang-on, perfect collection of everything from postcard sets to succulents to porcelain cans and vintage Irish sweaters. (click here for a great peek and review)

Thanks to Sunset magazine for the tip-off about the outer Sunset gems. So worth the train ride. Especially because my niece requested that we sing Christmas carols on the ride home, for no apparent reason other than to make us all smile, along with lots of our confused, but sweetly amused, fellow passengers.


finders keepers

The other month, I saw some earrings made from vintage lace, suspended simply from a delicate gold wire. And what happened next is what always happens to me: I didn’t buy them (my mother’s mantra from growing up looping in my head, oh you could make something like that). And now I can’t find the artist who made them to show you all.

But when it came time to craft up a birthday present for my older sister, I remembered the lace. I foraged through my stuffed craft drawers and also came up with this shell, and this glistening little bead.

I trotted out the little bit of jewelry making that I know, and assembled this necklace. I can’t tell if it’s weird to give your sister a shell-berry-lace necklace (and weirder still to show it off here), but there’s something of nature in this piece that really appeals to me. It feels like a seascape in miniature, with the lace standing in for foamy waves, and the berry something you might find growing nearby in salty, scrubby brush.

And it makes me think of my grandmother, and the enduring image I have of her: barefoot in a bathing suit and sun hat, bent at the waist, combing the surf for treasures that she always managed to find.

I love most of all that she always knew there was something worthy, waiting to be discovered.