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summercraft: amy karol's lazy after-sun spray

I love me some good DIY potions. Boiling stuff up on the stove and putting it in little jars makes me feel like a renegade alchemist. Amy Karol of Angry Chicken summed this feeling up when she made homemade deodorant, saying that she thrives on “the Stick-It-To-The-Man feeling I get when I don't have to buy basic necessities that most people assume you have to buy, you know? I find it thrilling.”

You all know Amy, yes? Of course you do, but I'll introduce her nonetheless because it gives me a thrill. Amy is author of of Bend-the-Rules Sewing, and Bend-the-Rules with Fabric, maker of heart-crushingly adorable handmade underwear, tap pants and all things wonderful and homemade. Amy has three daughters – and since I am the middle of three girls, raised by an uber-creative mom so much of what she does and writes about fills me with nostalgia and admiration in the best kind of way.

Here's Amy with her "lazy after-sun spray":

Hopefully you got burnt not while doing anything strenuous, but reading a trashy novel and drinking something out of a huge glass with a straw. But you did get burnt! And now you need some natural relief for you face, shoulders, chest or any other part that feels a bit tender. This super simple nourishing spray will heal you while also making you smell fabulous.

Here's what you need:
4 ounce bottle with a spray nozzle

1/8 cup water

1 tablespoon orange blossom water *(available at most grocery stores in the middle eastern food section)

1/4 cup aloe vera gel (also available at most groceries in the natural foods section)
Here's how you make it:
Mix all the ingredients and pour into the bottle. Store in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and extra cooling relief on hot skin. Apply as much as you want - all it can do is help.

*What to do with that extra orange blossom water? There are a ton of lovely recipes that use this delectable ingredient, try looking online or try this lovely recipe for Sliced Oranges with Orange-Flower Syrup.

Shameless Plug: You can find more natural recipes like this in my Potions and Concoctions booklet PDF over here. And you can find me over at Amy Karol where I pimp my new sewing books, and over at my crafty blog, Angry Chicken, where I am up to no good several times a week.

Thanks so much, Amy. Here's to trashy novels and smelling great all summer.